Hmmm. Well it's been a while since my last entry.
I've been really busy this week.
But its now Easter Break, which is awesome!

Well, Monday night was Drama Fest.
It was awesome. Mette & myself went down.
There was like 4 plays
Bishop White, King's Cove, Heritage & Someone else,
But I can't remember.

Tuesday, we got our report cards.
Math & Art was death; which I expected.
86% average overall.

Then Tuesday night was Drama Fest again.
There was like another 3 plays.
& a crowd done inprov.
It was wicked! :)

Wednesday was the last day before Easter Break.
&& I had a Chem test, which I probably done bad on.
And Wednesday night, I had Cadets.

So, I've basically been really busy ever since Monday.
but it's now Easter break!
&& Vodka and pixie stick are an amazing combo. :)

So anyways, I'm out.

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