Well where its Easter Break I've been slack on the whole blog thing.
&& I haven't been home, and I've been busy.

So, Saturday we left to town.
went in there for Easter Sunday, and had dinner with a bit of the family,
as you would over Easter.
And then came out from town Monday night.
Tuesday afternoon I went down the country.
Stayed over around the arm, and went over Cody's.
Wednesday, went over the other side of the arm,
and we got a bunch of money together and got Coopers,
which was amazing. I haven't had Coopers since i moved.
Wednesday night was the dance. Which I though was pretty cool.
Got to see a few of the people I hadn't seen in a while.
Thursday we went for a trot down harbour, and then went up the old house.
Got back up C'ville, got in the shower, and went out again.
We went and saw "Meet the Robinson's." :)
It was really good, but the end was so sad.
Then went and got a slushie and went to the playground.

And now, after a very busy few days
with little to no sleep, I'm back and finally had a chance
to do another blog, that and I was sat on the couch at
12:30 am watching Hockey highlights, and I got bored. :)
I get bored very easily & I have a short attention span.

Well, it's getting late.
there will be a longer entry later on. :)

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