Hmmm. Today [Sunday, April 1,2007] was extremely boring.
As Sundays usually are, && There's school tomorrow mourning. Fuck!
7:30 AM is way too close.

So, today's horoscope [which is actually tomorrow's] reads;

"A proposed get-together with a love interest might have to be postponed until much later tonight, or perhaps even until another evening. This could make you a little blue. Your insecurities might even get the better of you. Does your friend not want to meet up with you? Don't fall into this kind of thinking. Accept that there's a reason for this, then go with the flow. You'll enjoy the date that much more for the delay."

Hmmm. make sense to anyone? Because I'm pretty much lost.
It's gotten all "loveish" lately.
:O Maybe Catherine & Holly's horoscopes got mixed up! Lol :)
It totally did!

Why is it that Sunday's are so incredibly boring?
[Hmm. When you have a Noun like Sunday, how do you make it plural by adding "'s" or just "s"? Or is Sunday even a Noun? ]
I mean, ugh! I really dislike them a lot!

Today was boring. I didn't go to bed 'till 4 AM
So, it was pretty much 2:30 PM before I managed to drag myself out of bed && onto the couch, so I could try very hard to do my homework,
which I still haven't managed to finish.
Wow, I'm slack.

And now, I'm typing a blog/ on Myspace instead of doing that homework!
I just really don't want to do it.

Well, Drama Fest is tomorrow!
It's going to be amazing! <3
I haven been down home in so long & I haven seen everyone in so long.
Wow, I'm super excited. :)

Well... Ugh! AS much as I don't want to
Sadly I have to do my math homework,
Because Robert's scares me.

<33 Peaace :)

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