Well, I've decided that I'm finally going to stay committed to a blog.
So, unlike previous blogs, I'll try to keep this one up to date &
"try" not to forget about it for months at a time. :)
This is more a place for me to get my thoughts/ aggression out,
so I doubt you'll have the time/ patience to read it.
anyways, it is what it is. Enjoy!

So earlier today I was reading my horoscope, as I always do & it goes;

"Have you been reading a lot of romantic novels lately, dear Libra? This is probably because love is very much on your mind right now. You may be involved in a passionate relationship, or hoping for one. However, if it's the latter, don't expect to remain alone for very long. All signs are that romance is going to become a top priority with you for a while, starting now. Make sure you look your best whenever you go out!"

Which I though was pretty ironic right?
I mean, all day I was laughing about how gullible some of the little grades nines are
Don't get me wrong, some of the kids in grade nine are awesome
but thens theres the ones who loosely throw around the word "love."
And not only grades nines are guilty of it, I've heard a lot of people do it.
I mean, come on. It's high school. Your not suppose to find your husband,
so why be all like "Oh, I'm head over heads in love with you" & "I love you so much, I want to have your children."
Really, like. come on!
Not only is it over used in high school by youths,
but in my opinion, it is over used by a lot of the western population in general.
I mean, if people really, truly love each other, their wouldn't be half as much divorce, broken families, and probably even war right?

Hmm? But what do I know, I'm only another stupid teenager, who get glared at whenever I walk down the road.
I'm just another "useless" teenager, who has no valid political views or opinions about the world around us.

&& Yes. I have a comma issue. I use them WAY too much. But, to put it bluntly, I don't really care.

My comma issue is the least of my worries at the moment.
As I have, approximately two years and some change until I graduate.
Which pretty much sucks, alot.
[Someone please hurt me every time I say "pretty much" as I say it way to much.]
I mean, ever look back on things and be like,
"Wow, I wish I was five, still coloring with crayons, worrying about whats for supper."
instead of;
"How the hell am I going to be able to come up with $700 for rent/mortgage, $500 for car, $100 for groceries, plus like electrical, cable, internet and phone bills & have money left over because what happens if you get sick?"

Because whether I like it or not, thats pretty much the situation I'll be in like two years.
And it pretty much scares me, a lot!
But then again, thats probably just me over reaction/ stressing out over nothing, right?

And see, this all relates back to my horoscope & the whole "love" thing.
Because nine chances out of ten, I'll end up getting a divorce,
and having kids who are struggling to find them selves, not having a stable home to grow up in.

Ahhh! I'm really stressed right on.
& report cards are coming out on Wednesday, and I'm pretty much going to do really bad.

But, on the other side, today was awesome!
I pretty much had a headache from laughing A LOT!
And I can't even remember what about & I pretty much went down home for like an hour.
I hadn't been down in way too long, and i misses it way too much.
No matter how much I have in Clarenville, or how much I love it here,
Trinity East is my home and I miss it more then you can ever imagine.
My whole life, I wanted to get out of their,
and now that I'm gone, I realize what I had and how much it meant to me.
It's actually very ironic.

OH! && I saw... well heard, the commercial for "Meet the Robinson's"
and the T-rex went "I have a BIG head & LITTLE arms"
and it was amazing!
&& I finally cleaned my NES and I got it working, which also made me incredibly happy. :)

Well, as I'm pretty much tired, and it's getting late,
so, I'm going to go.
Go get some ... something to give me energy. [example; red bull hahaha]

Catherine <3
face x 3474855065078

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